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  1. Memory Allocation Error!

    I have and AMD-FX 4100 3,6ghz 4gb Ram ATI Radeon hd 7700 anyhow I solved! I managed to make it work by booting the pc with "KernelCache"=/amdfx GraphicsEnabler=Nosystem is stable, it recognize the 1gb of video ram and everything runs smooth
  2. Memory Allocation Error!

    hy everybody, hope you can all help me with this one! so, I managed to install niresh on an amdfx machine, but i get this message everytyme i try to boot without GraphicsEnabler=No -x memory allocation error! addr: 0xdeadbeef, size: 0x0, file: ati.c, Line: 1772 this is a non recoverable error! System halted!!! what should i do? I don't know how to fix this! thank you all!