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  1. I need help with HD7730 1GB.

    I have the same problem. Did you installed the Ketx files for hd7700? Do you have a custom dsdt.aml? Do you boot up with graphicsenabler=no flag?
  2. Hi, I have been using my HD7850 with mavericks without any problem, but my hard disk failed so i need to reinstalled everything again. The problem is that I cant remember how did I manage to configure it the first time. Now the system info tools displays the hd7850 but only 3MB, so no acceleration o higher resolutions are available. I uses the ketx provided here in, installed them in the s/l/e directory, the amd7000.ketx and the amdradeon4000. They are there, verified already, but no luck so far. I tried to use the DSDT.aml provided but, they are not the same so no boot. I edited them, following the instructions provided, and injected the GX0 code in the DSTM.aml. compiled without errors, installed in /Extra. But no luck so far. Now i get 1040*800 resolution, but is not enought, Tried to get a new DSDT extracting the current configuration, then pasted the GX0 code provided for hd7850 but no luck. System boots but no way to use it cause the resolution is crappy. THe point is that i Know that it can be done, but the last five days i have been unable to do it again. Any clue? P.S. I boot wiht graphicsenabler no, otherwise i get the ati.c error i5 2.7Ghz Asus p7p55D-pro 12GB ram ddr3 patriot 2x sapphiretech HD7850 OC (crossfire configuration, again, it worked once flawlesly)