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  1. Few Issues After Install

    Also, the system freezes after maybe 5 hours but not if I move the mouse, is this a power management thing? I turned the options in Energy Saver to never but it is still happening.
  2. Few Issues After Install

    After 16hours of different attempts of installing OSX Maverick I have it booting and working. There are a couple of things I can not work out how to do to have a perfect install. 1) CDROM (Bluray Burner HL-DT-ST BD-RE GGW-H20L) does not work. The open close icon next to the clock and volume at the top works but when a disk is inserted there seems to be a lot of disk activity but I can not access the disk in the OS. There seems to be no device names in /dev that represents a cdrom, dvd etc. 2) Rebooting and shutting down does not complete. The monitor goes into power save mode but the computer will not turn off or reboot. Thanks for your help. I am a software developer and long time Linux and Win user, but I am a OSX n00b