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  1. I have successfully installed Niresh LION on my Netbook Acer aspire one D260 but when it reboots after the instal has finished the netbook starts to boot but then resets itself and reboots continually. I have tried loads of boot options but none have fixed it, To instal lion initially I had to use the boot option " Kernel Cache"=atom -v but this does not help on rebooting. I cannot see where the boot fails because the screen pixellates over the boot output when using -v. If I use arch=i386 as an option it loads the APPLE Grey loading screen but then freezes. I am not sure of the exact hardware but I know the following CPU Intel Atom N450 1.66 ghz Ethernet Atheros Graphics INTEL Pineview VESA v3.0 7 Mb WLAN Broadcom 4313 Can anybody help???? Thanks