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  1. Hello everyone, as the title says I'm planning to install Os X Yosemite on my current pc wich already has Windows 7 (and will upgrade to windows 10) in it. The pc specs are Intel i5 4690k Msi z97 Gaming 5 8Gb Kingston Ravage RAM Msi Gtx 970 2x SSD Kingston HyperX 120 gb(in raid 0, and here is my problem) SSD Kingston Fury 240Gb (for all my games) 1tb Caviar Green And i will buy another 120 cheap ssd to store yosemite in it. The problem is that windows is already installed and the two ssd that contains windows are set in RAID 0 and for what i know about Hakintosh(almost nothing in fact xD) one of the first step to install Yosemite on a pc is to set the SATA mode in the BIOS as AHCI and i think that it will break the RAID 0 that i set or am i wrong? Can someone help me? Plus, it's the second time i try to install OsX on a PC and last time I almost did everything right, just got some problem with the Audio and network and the last time i had an AMD CPU and an ATI Graphic Card, is my new pc "more compatible" for an Hackintosh? Thanks to everyone for the help!!
  2. Maverick with AMD System.

    No, i haven't tryed typing "Kernel Cache"=amd and now i can't boot in osx in any way, i probably touched something wrong i have to install everything again. At least windows 7 works with no problems. I don't have any news with the graphic problem but i'm wondering if there is any way to boot osx without typing anything all the times. Another thing...When i boot maverick typing -v GraphicsEnabler=No "KernelCache"=amdfx on the top left corner of the screen appear something like "Amd kernel not found" or something like that, there's a way to solve that or is it normal?
  3. Maverick with AMD System.

    Hi Shahram! For the graphics problem i don't know what to do, but for the Audio kext with Multibeast, maybe it will work for you too but your motherboard is different so i don't know which ones you need exactly. At this moment i can boot the system proprely(allmost, there are still the graphics problems) but only typing -v GraphicsEnabler=No "KernelCache"=amdfx before booting the drive where osx is installed, there is a way to avoid doing that every time?
  4. Hello everyone! I recently tried to install Maverick in dual boot with windows 7 and i've encountered a few problems(why am i not surprised? ). Here my specs CPU: Amd fx 8320 GPU: Sapphire R9 280x Vapor x Motherboard: Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 Ram: Kingston 8GB 1600mhz ..and other stuff that i think they don't matter. I know, it might not be the best compatible system but it's what i have. So this is what i've done: set a 200Gb Partition for Maverick, prepared a bootable drive with the maverick image then boot from USB, type amdfx -v (according to a videoguide i saw where the guy had my same processor and similar motherboard, he had the "normal" one istead of the EVO version) in the black screen/white keys where you have to select which drive to boot, erase the partition as Mac os Extended Journaled click install and then which kext or plugin i should select to make a correct installation with my pc specs? After the installation is finished what i have to do? In one of my previous try i was unable to boot proprely if i didn't type "-x GraphicsEnabler=No". And the system started in safemode. After it booted i've waited to get it set up. And then reboot. Here comes again the problems. If i let it boot without doing anything i get stuck when appear the apple logo with the loading circle but if i let it boot typing "-v GraphicsEnabler=No "Kernel Cache"=amdfx" it boot (allmost)proprely with 1920x1080 resolution and not in safemode. But there are two problems at this point(as much as i can tell) an annoyng constant noise coming out from my headset and speakers(probably caused by missing Audio driver), and flickering graphics expecially when using Safari and evrething(graphically speaking) it's not as smooth as it should be. I'm planning to do a new try from zero so can you guide me in the process telling me which plugins i should select before the installation process, how to boot proprely after the installation,which kext/driver i should install according to my system specs? I'm not a great expert as may you can tell from how i've explained myself because i don't know every terminology and other stuff so please, be easy and patient on me, i can do it but with some help (: Thank to everyone who will help me i'm sorry if i said something wrong and for my english, i'm from Italy. Bye