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  1. Problemm solveddd...tried -x amd and it is working noww Thank you guys
  2. It shows cant find amdAnd wid boots but no differnce..the problem is still the same
  3. i have already installed can i boot with these bootflags ??
  4. amd phenom X2 560 Black Edition 3.3ghz nvidia gtx 550ti 4gb ram 500 gb hdd MSI Motherboard 760GM P23(FX)
  5. I have installed on amd processor...Installed successfully but after installation..after boot...the system hangs exactly after 1 minute..I Quickly finished the setup before 1 minute and created account and reached desktop..Now system boots...desktop works fine but hangs exactly after 1 minute and doesnt respond..just hanggggg cursor doent move
  6. having the same problem !!