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  1. PREFACE: I'm sorry there's A LOT of text x_x;; Having this odd issue, and it's been board wide with every OSX distro 10.8.5 and up. When attempting to load the Mavericks installer to update my this Hackintosh from Niresh Lion 10.7.2 to (now) Niresh Mavericks, Kexts/MKext and everything is loaded then attempts to hand off to Darwin, and the system immediately reboots. Darwin doesn't have time to even start so there's no log there. Chameleon 2.2svn (svn-r2258) Wait readout is in the spoiler: I've tried the xcpm-free kernel thinking it was a power management issue, but got the same result. I've also tried multiple bootflags, hoping something works, including -v -x -f USBBusFix=Yes npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=Yes|No cpus=1 maxmem=3062 and I've also started using Wait=Yes so I can get a readout that will allow me to actually read it. This hackintosh is running Niresh Lion 10.7.2 almost flawlessly (although trivial little things don't work), including having QE/CI support with the correct kext installed. It just a tad bizarre. I've checked the data sheet on my processor, and it is 64-bit processor: here's the data sheet Can anyone help? Much appreciated!