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  1. My first Hackintosh try

    Still no luck, anyone with the same mobo with a success?
  2. when selects niresh, bootloader restarts

    Obviously I enabled the onboard graphic in the UEFI, it's hilarious you think I didn't but the pc didn't boot because of a windows problem, I reinstalled and solved the problem, but still unable to start the maverick installer.
  3. when selects niresh, bootloader restarts

    I looked for it but I didn't find the option where it say safeboot, I tried to reset the UEFI settings though with no success. Any suggestion where to find that option? I have an Asrock h87 Pro 4
  4. when selects niresh, bootloader restarts

    I already tried it, I tried every flag combinations between npci=0x3000 / 0x2000 dart=0 and GraphicsEnabler=No So I went for uninstalling the graphic card physically from the PC, but after that I couldn't boot at all even with windows, isn't that strange?
  5. My first Hackintosh try

    I strange thing happened, when I removed the amd card the PC was stuck in the bios page setting, I mean after I changed the option from PCI-E card to Onboard in the UEFI I saved the settings and restarted but the display turned black and then I saw again the ASrock start logo. I tried to make start niresh from that but after I put the flags it restart immediately, I can't even see the apple logo this time.
  6. when selects niresh, bootloader restarts

    It's happening to me also, maybe it's the graphic card, I will try unplugging it then I'll let you know. I'm on Asrock h87 pro 4 and Radeon R9 270
  7. My first Hackintosh try

    I tried all the combinations between GraphicsEnabler=No dart=0 and npci=0x3000 or npci=0x2000. But I see the apple logo for half a second then the PC reboots. I will try without the graphic card maybe. But I'm wondering if someone ever tried and succeed with the Asrock H87 Pro 4 since I've heard this brand isn't well supported.
  8. My first Hackintosh try

    Thank you for the reply, I've already set AHCI mode and disabled virtualization, but if I set the graphic card to intel while the R9 is mounted I see a black screen, can't even see the bios, do you think the graphic card could be the problem? In that case I could try unmounting it from the pc.
  9. My first Hackintosh try

    Hallo to everyone, it's my first try installing Maverick onto my new PC but... I'm having troubles because right after booting with the Niresh usb key and putting whatever tags I end up with seeing for half a second the apple logo then the PC restarts. Is there any chance I could make it run on my pc or is it a problem related to the type of hardware I have on it? That's my specs: Asrock H87 Pro 4 i7 4770 8GB 1600Mhz Crucial Ballstick Sport Sapphire R9 270 I know there could be problems with the motherboard, but if you tell me there's a chance of working around issues I could try harder. I would really like to do it