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  1. Got OSX Mavericks working with My PC For anyone interested this is my Hackintosh specs...... Intel 4th gen i5 3.0ghz Gigabyte B85M-HD3 Zotac GeForce GT 630 2GB 16Gb Ram 1TB Segate Hard Drive I Followed all the steps with installing Niresh Mavericks and every thing went well until the reboot after the install. It just froze on the white/grey screen with the loading wheel continues spinning (not the colored wheel). I then rebooted from the USB again and selected My Installed OSX Drive and typed -v to boot, to see where it fails. It stopped at the "bluetooth transport controller" So after quite a bit of searching for what to do next, I rebooted again in safe mode ( -x at the boot prompt). It booted into safe mode no problems with full graphics. (When installing, at the drive install option, I didn't change anything in the custom section. I just left it as it was.) Anyway in safe mode, I went to... go/computer/installed hard drive(mine is called mac)/system/library/extension, then deleted all the bluetooth kexts and tried to boot normally again but still stops at the same spot.....booted into safe mode again and went to the same folder and deleted all the AMD Graphics Kexts and tried to boot again but still no luck. Back into safe mode again and into the extension folder and this time deleted all the ATi Graphics Kexts, then rebooted again! It Worked! Booted spot on! Audio worked too. I also have a TP-Link 821N wireless dongle that i couldn't get working either...until after more searching I found that most USB sticks have Chipsets that are compatible with OSX. Mine has a Realtek chipset in it, and I downloaded the correct OSX driver from Realtek and that worked too. So other than a few hicups, so far so good.