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  1. I will try it all. Thanks.
  2. I tried this and installed the CUDA support and NVIDIA web driver but the Final Cut still sucks . I realized a little gain in the animations like genius, but the softwares... still the same.
  3. Well, audio is a question of the motherboard. What is yours?
  4. Hi, I installed niresh in my PC with no troubles. After the installation, I realized that my animations are slowly. Slow answers on video issues and the audio is noisy. Its not to bad, its a low noise, but there is. In the installation I leave the default configuration, using GraphicsEnabler=yes because of my Graphic Card. And the audio is still the same. I tried to disable the graphic card using GraphicsEnabler=No but the mac doesnt starts. PC: i7 3770K GTX 550 Ti MotherBoard MSI H61M