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  1. Amd Install Stuck At Installing

    thank you, now downloading 10.8.5 :)what about 10.9? can 10.9 make it on my pc?
  2. Amd Install Stuck At Installing

    the dvd burned at 4x speed, i tried using iATKOS ML2 and restore it to usb drive (succesfull on my HP pavilion g4) will be the same, stuck at "update_dlyd_shared_cache" any idea?
  3. Hello everybody, wanna some help here.. i'm trying to install osx on my pc using niresh's 10.8.2 tried to boot from dvd, succes begin installation with bootflag: amd cpus=1 busratio=16 USBLegacyOff=Yes -v -x but always stuck in last 5 min installation.. here the screenshot : my pc: AMD Phenom II X2 555BE Asrock 880G Pro3 Asus Nvidia GTX460 direct cu top patriot 2x2gb ddr3 Thanks in advance