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  1. it says "sudo: codecid: command not found". Also i was being a noob, i installed the HD3000 driver from your MacPois0n application from drivers/graphics and now my resolution is really low (seems to be 800x600 now, instead of before 1366x768). How can i revert back to the original working driver? The brightness control is not the most important problem to be solved anyways. Where can i get a patched kext for the battery for this distro? I already tried one that was from a different one but it does not work.
  2. OS X Maverick 10.9.0 Working Fully FX-8350

    Well then, how exactly did you do it ? I have an unused computer with FX 8320 Black Edition and Radeon HD 7850 OCII 2GB graphics card in the basement, would like to use it as a hackintosh.
  3. Hello, i managed to install the 10.9 Niresh distro on my Acer Aspire 5750G-2458G75Bnkk (i5-2450m, Mobile Intel HM65 Express chipset, 8GB RAM, 64GB Sandisk SSD, 15.6 inch Display, 1366x768 resolution, Intel HD3000 IGP, Nvidia Geforce GT 630M 2GB dedicated graphics card, Broadcom 43227 Wifi). My problems are: 1. Audio: the microphone is activated permanently, my temporary workaround is to set the recording volume to minimum in system settings, the setting will only apply after user login, before that the mic is active at maximum level. 2. Battery: the battery is not being recognized, it shows no battery inserted. 3. Brightness control: Neither system settings works nor via FN-Keys I am generally happy that the system basically works and i am aware that some things can not be fixed such as my broadcom wifi chip and the dedicated Nvidia GT 630M graphics card, but i would really appreciate any advice on fixing above problems.