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  1. general question

    I messed up my chameleon boot after installing some kexts. So I got stuck at PCI configuration. My guess is that I messed my smc. Anyway the question is , why isn't there a boot fix included in the installer and we have to go through reinstalling ? Wouldn't it be easier if there was a boot fix or something to just delete and recreate the bootloader? Just by testing some settings I already have reinstalled like 28 times until now. The overall procedure to reinstall and update is like 3 hours. I'm tired. The only reason that I mess around the bootloader is to make my PC "sleep" properly. Until I get it right , I will reinstall more 30 times ... Go ahead and make a boot fix already.
  2. sudo shutdown

    hi , i have this little problem only here. I cant shutdown or reboot. When i uncheck to save the apps state in general settings, i can shutdown properly, but not when i shutdown from terminal. when i use sudo shutdown command , its trying to save the apps state for a later restore and prevents my computer to shutdown. how can i disable the save apps state as root ? i cant figure out how to open the general settings as root using sudo command. The fix shutdown only fixes the normal user shutdown, not the sudo shutdown.... i couldnt describe my problem in a better way... sorry if i made it a little complicated....