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  1. Virtual Box Connect iPhone 4?

    I was wondering if there was a way to connect an iPhone 4 to Virtual Box running a guest of Niresh 10.9? The reason I ask is because the only application I even needed OSX for was Xcode and their simulator runs like crap through the VM and so I need to deploy my builds to the iPhone, but I get an error something along the lines of the device being busy with another request when I attempt to latch it to the VM. Here's the actual error message: Failed to attach the USB device Apple Inc. iPhone [0320] to the virtual machine Mavericks 3rd try. USB device 'Apple Inc. iPhone' with UUID {fbf57d88-2537-476c-b385-d02e59d44038} is busy with a previous request. Please try again later. Result Code: E_INVALIDARG (0x80070057) Component: HostUSBDevice Interface: IHostUSBDevice {173b4b44-d268-4334-a00d-b6521c9a740a} Callee: IConsole {8ab7c520-2442-4b66-8d74-4ff1e195d2b6}