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  1. ^ Here is how it appears on Yosemite running on AMD Athlon X2 on VMWare. Not useable.
  2. i also have a AMD system, by whatever i have read on this forum. iOS simulator doesnt work on AMD system since it relies on Intel specefic virtualization technology. But, i used Yosemite on AMD system inside VMWare, and it was working, by working i mean, the simulator loads, displayes the iOS screen, but it is not useable, the graphics appears corrupted. i am sure it wont be the case on real PC.
  3. I also had this problem when using it in VirtualBox, i spend tried mutiple times with mutiple boot options and spend many days trying to figure it out. But it doesnt work. but i got succes using VMWare 11 on AMD system. so i suggest you to use VMWare, it is working fine for me.
  4. Install to External HDD?

    i dont have a 16gb or 32gb FlashDrive, wanted to know if it works or not before i purchase one.
  5. Install to External HDD?

    Hi, Is it possible to install Mavericks to External HDD or 16gb or 32gb FlashDrive ? Thanks, Abhi
  6. Tried to Install this on VirtualBox Running on Windows 8.1 64-bit. i am using AMD Athlong X260 with 4GB RAM and Nvidia 210 1 GB. i started the installation by amd -v flag. once the installation finished it said installation failed. then i tried to restart system using the HDD it resulted in kernel panic saying it is not supported on AMD machines.
  7. Is this Config Compatible ?

    i want to use OSX86 primarly for xcode. 1. I have a Fujitsu Laptop with the following config. Is this config Compatible with Niresh?? --- Pentium 2020M (3rd Gen Ivy Bridge) (2.4 GHz, 2 MB) 2GB RAM (Will Upgrade to 4GB) Intel HM70 chipset Intel HD Graphics 500 GB HDD 15.6-inch Screen 1366 x 768 Intel Centrino Wireless N2230 (IEEE 802.11b/g/n) --- 2. If this is not compatible then anyone can suggest me a Desktop config, i already have spare keyboard, mouse, and HDD. so i will build a desktop instead. 3. there is one low cost ASUS laptop (Asus X551CA-SX075D) available for 330$ its config is --- Celeron Dual Core (3rd Gen) 1007U. 1.5 GHz 2 MB Cache Chipset: Mobile HM70 Express Intel HD Graphics --- Thanks for Help, Abhi