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  1. OK so here is an issue I am having and have a feeling I am just out of luck. My sound plays but is very choppy and a lot of cracking going on. Not usable as it is. I have tried just about everything I have come across to no avail. It is an onboard sound card and thinking my best bet may just to go out and buy an add on card that is "supported" Anyone else start out with cracking choppy sound and eventually got it working that can point me to a step by step fix I can try? Sound has same distortion whether I am plugged in the front or back or if I am using Logitech USB Headsets. Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks, David
  2. second screen going in and out

    Hello all, Very new to the Hackintosh scene. Primarily because I have avoided Apple for so long because I work in a predominantly windows environment. Have been forced into working with apple computers a lot lately and they are intriguing. I don't have the money to drop on what I want in a MAC so this is a great alternative. On to my issue.... I have two and will post separately. I have a weird issue where my secondary screen blinks on and off randomly. The odd thing is that is appears to do this every other reboot. It may not be exactly every other but it does seem to happen about 50% of the time. Many times I boot up fine and have no video issues whatsoever. Thinking about this issue what I call my secondary monitor may in fact be connected to the first video connection on my video card as every time I reinstall this monitor wants to take over as the main screen. I might look at swapping connections and then leave the one as my main. Not sure of adjusting that is causing my issue or not. If anyone has any ideas feel free to toss them at me. If swapping connections does not work I am at a loss. Thanks in advance for any help!!