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  1. Clover spinning beach ball at login

    By Simone Rucci You have to replace kernel, system kext, appleacpi kext and iopcifamily kext and install AMD webkit. I followed this step: I went on Downloaded kernel BSA_yos_r6b with system kext, 3 post after (Carlo_67 post) kext to replace.... Then logged in in windows (use macdrive to see, manage and move files in HFS partition) replace all kext and kernel. Reboot and start a new installation, once in installation menu open terminal and type: Diskutil repairpermissions "name of partition where you installed osx without quotes" It will rebuild all permissions, it takes 5/10 minutes... Once finished type reboot.. boot in safe mode and install amd webkit. Boot your osx with -v -f..... Then cross your fingers (i'll also cross mine)... if it works fine then just add -f (ignore kernel cache) It worked for me and for many others.... My specs: Amd fx 8350 Asrock 990 extreme 4 16 gb ram corsair vengeance @ 1600 gtx 660 ti (also tryed with ati sapphire hd7xxx series both works) I can play World of Warcraft with low graphics.... actually really works Edit: also bsa_yos_r7d worked for me
  2. Installation Issues With AMD

    Thanks, I previously having trouble to boot yosemite but following your recommendation has solved my problem
  3. Yosemite 10.10.1 only boots in Safe mode ( AMD )

    I managed to solve screen problem by installing the WHITE SCREEN FIX kext files. I used it before for to solve the same problem on my mavericks But unfortunately after i can boot without any flags, my wireless keyboard & mouse seem not to work.
  4. Fix for bootloader issue

    Do you mind to share how to put chimera to be part of the USB files.....sorry as I am total beginner
  5. After update problems 10.9.5

    10.9.5 still won't work at the moment but you may update to 10.9.4..please follow this link for tutorial And if you facing stuck at white need some tricks to fix that...PM me I'll sent the files