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  1. Clean boot

    Hello Guys I can not hide some partitions boot Maverick, looked partitions with diskutil, insert as described, but does not work. What I realized is taht when booting the hard drives and partitions are not found as the OS already in operation, complicating the operation os riding partitions at boot. If anyone has the same problem ad can help i appreciate it. Edmarcio
  2. Pmlock: Waited Too Long

    I reinstall and Ok....perfect Thanks
  3. Pmlock: Waited Too Long

    Thank You Only check move graphic extension and installed normally. But the graphic is slow and does not recognize the second monitor, what could be Thanks a lot
  4. Hello After installing the Mavericks, I have problem in the attached figure, someone could help History I already have Lion 10.7(niresh) installed on this machine, in another HD and I use normally. Hardware ASROCK P67 Extreme 4 - Bios 3.10(updated) Memories CORSAIR 2x4Gb Vegeance Core I7 Nvidia GTX 550 TI 500 HD Samsung HD502HJ Thanks a Lot Edmarcio