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  1. After all i installed a new & fresh Windows 8.1. Issue is still the same, TransMac needs 12hours+ to finish. After all the suffer i can't even boot, also the whole stick is shown as empty inTransMac, i just got a empty folder called "yosemite". Please somebody give me a thought. (The stick works fine on Rufus USB-Tool, nothing broke here)
  2. push I really need a alternative, as TransMac would be need around half day to finish. This programm is really broken, why its even recommand? I don't want running a VM just to push dmg to my stick.. What a waste of time
  3. IDE is much slower as AHCI(SATA). I dont see any reason ppl running IDE these days. AHCI doesnt need special drivers to work(read wikipedia about it). Stock Yosemite kext just run perfect.
  4. Please dont use VM's, u will never see the true performance and u unable learn with it cause its no real environment. Anyway, good luck. I really hope there are GPU Drivers for APU solutions
  5. Hello, any other way bring .dmg to USB without using a Mac? TransMac on Windows doesn't work. I bought it to restore to USB, but it takes very very long 12h+ to copy it on .Even with a USB 3.0 Stick, native Windows copy is fine&fast, After all, i got EBIOS read error on Boot. So all transfers with transmac are slow/broken, is there another programm? I remember W32DiskImager works well on your 10.9 distro, but i doesnt on 10.10.1
  6. Well 71 pages, still no donation for this month. Anyway, thanks niresh for the good work!