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  1. Unable to use TransMac

    After all i installed a new & fresh Windows 8.1. Issue is still the same, TransMac needs 12hours+ to finish. After all the suffer i can't even boot, also the whole stick is shown as empty inTransMac, i just got a empty folder called "yosemite". Please somebody give me a thought. (The stick works fine on Rufus USB-Tool, nothing broke here)
  2. Unable to use TransMac

    push I really need a alternative, as TransMac would be need around half day to finish. This programm is really broken, why its even recommand? I don't want running a VM just to push dmg to my stick.. What a waste of time
  3. cannot boot with usb, stuck with a unusual message

    IDE is much slower as AHCI(SATA). I dont see any reason ppl running IDE these days. AHCI doesnt need special drivers to work(read wikipedia about it). Stock Yosemite kext just run perfect.
  4. Login Infinitely Loading

    Please dont use VM's, u will never see the true performance and u unable learn with it cause its no real environment. Anyway, good luck. I really hope there are GPU Drivers for APU solutions
  5. cannot boot with usb, stuck with a unusual message

    Easiest way, remove bluetooth doogle/card
  6. Unable to use TransMac

    Hello, any other way bring .dmg to USB without using a Mac? TransMac on Windows doesn't work. I bought it to restore to USB, but it takes very very long 12h+ to copy it on .Even with a USB 3.0 Stick, native Windows copy is fine&fast, After all, i got EBIOS read error on Boot. So all transfers with transmac are slow/broken, is there another programm? I remember W32DiskImager works well on your 10.9 distro, but i doesnt on 10.10.1
  7. Hackintosh Mavericks

    Well 71 pages, still no donation for this month. Anyway, thanks niresh for the good work!