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  1. So after i install osc sierra it tell me unknown error zero then i use -v npci=0x3000 i start setup my profile for mac and once i finish and it start up i see the desktop for a sec then it restarts the conputer and does not want to strat up again my pc is HPZ620 help please
  2. every thing went fine i restart after installation appleusbehci hello everyone i have toshiba c50 a412 laptop Intel® Core™ i3-3110M Processor (3M Cache, 2.40 GHz) 4GB DDR3 RAM 500 GB HDD Intel® HD Graphics webcam so i installed yosmite 10.10.1 used multi beast downloaded dsdt files and installed intel hd graphice and restarted cache it was all fine and it was very fast until i reboot this is what i get a normal screen then it turns to error picture after i use -v in boot this is what i get appleusbehci uiminitialize error occurred 0xe00002c9 please help me
  3. type "UseKernelCache=No" before u boot the os x it might work i know nothing am not expert but that worked out for me try it also add space then type "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" keep us updated
  4. i5 3750, Sapphire R9 280X dual screen and Win7

    how did you get the 280x to work well mine is recognized as 7970 what about yours?? do you have artifacts cause i have a lot of them do ihave to update?
  5. graphics problem with videos

    ok this my system fx6300 ga 78lmt s2 and r9 280x i installed niresh mavericks and it is the only one worked out with me using unibeast and clover didnot work with me at all my card is recognized as 7970 everything works except that videos with black screen change colors and appear green someguy told me its framebuffer problem please help me i have no pc for 3 days now and i am very frustrated also i did not try game to know what happens with graphics in it