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  1. Hi guys, Just wondered if there is anyone who could help me at all? Thanks for all your help. Kind regards, Ian.
  2. Hi everyone, Fairly new to the hackintosh community so apologies if I can't describe things as thoroughly as I should. I have tried to install OSX using a couple of different methods. At first I successfully installed snow leopard. I intended to update to mavericks via the App Store. Unfortunately, I could not get my ethernet working. I obtained a wifi dongle (DWA 131) and managed to get connected to the internet although I couldn't get the App Store working despite trying the appropriate fix. I decided therefore to try niresh in the hope to get straight to mavericks. I tried installing but each time I try my monitor blinks up with the frequency output not supported. I have tried with two separate monitors and the same issue with both. The installer is working as I can hear the hard drive being accessed, it just won't show an image. I have tried VGA and hdmi but same issue for both. I have tried with the following boot flags: -v -f -s GraphicsEnabler=no Graphicsmode= (with a lower resolution) But alas nothing works. Could anyone assist me? My set up is: Z77 d3h I5 3570k 2tb WD black Samsung evo ssd Hd 7850 If anyone can help me it would be appreciated. Kind regards, Ian.