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  1. Imessage-Fix With Chameleon

    I have tried every possible way to get iMessage and iCloud to work and nothing seems to be working. You didn't include any files so I used a FileNVRAM.dylib from another posting and it still isn't working, do you know of anything else that needs to be done, I have literally tried everything under the sun to fix this. I have access to the App Store and iTunes just not iMessage or iCloud, so frustrating. Thanks.
  2. Can You Make A Niresh 10.9.0 Iso

    I used a SanDisk USB to boot and install Mavericks, used Windows to make it bootable with Win32DiskImager.
  3. Installing 10.8.5

    Yes, we couldn't get ML to work but Mavericks so far is working flawlessly, even got our Radeon 7850 to work fully.
  4. Success!

    Finally got everything installed and working, even our Radeon 7850 graphics cards Seems to be smooth sailing so far, thanks for everyone's help!
  5. Success!

    So you just used Mavericks and it worked fine then?
  6. Success!

    Well, the install went successfully, its getting it to boot, we don't even see chameleon when she turns on the computer it gives her the option of Mac OS X or my windows install and she can type a command, kind of similar to when you load niresh on the cd, if that makes sense. We've tried amd64 -v and graphicsenabler=no -f, all kinds of things and we just get a black screen. She is downloading mavericks now to try that, the only USB we have plugged in is the thumbdrive with the iso, mouse and keyboard. Thanks, Brandon Edit: I attached a picture this happens when we boot the computer, if we press F8 it says boot0: done then shows this screen again, any ideas?
  7. Success!

    Well installation finally went all the way through, using a USB instead of DVD. My wife got it to boot once after restart and it told her to restart again and now we can't get it to work. Hard thing is I'm at work and she's at home playing with it lol. Now we just get a black screen in verbose mode or the apple logo without it, any ideas?
  8. Success!

    Ugh, I wish I could get my install to work I am only going for 10.8.5 because I'm not sure about Mavericks.
  9. Installing 10.8.5

    Hey everyone, I have wanted to install Mac OS X on my PC for a while now and have tried and tried and never got it to work because I only buy AMD . I recently tried with 10.8.2 and couldn't get it to boot properly but now with 10.8.5 I was so excited and relieved to see the installer finally load and let me install. The problem that I am running into is that I get all the way through the setup process and then it starts installing, at about 6 mins it hangs for probably 10 minutes and then starts going again and eventually I get an error that says Install Failed: we could not install on your machine and it only gives me the option to restart. I am using Niresh 10.8.5 with amd64 -v at boot. I have my specs listed below in my signature. I am trying to install this beside a Windows 8 partition so my 1TB HD is partitioned into 2 500GB partitions, one Windows 8 and the other for Mac OS X. The only thing I don't remember doing that I read in the guide is to make the Mac OS X partition a GUID table but I couldn't find the option for it when erasing. If anyone has any advice I would love to finally get this installed . Thanks, Brandon