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  1. IntelHD 4000 QE/CI

    Do you have AppleIntelHD4000.kext ? If yes, can you upload that somewhere and share? Its required for full qe/ci I guess.
  2. The page to select Niresh Mavericks is not appearing

    Yes, I set it too. I have 1024 mb showing in graphics for hd 4000. Still its occurring.
  3. The page to select Niresh Mavericks is not appearing

    Didn't have to do that. I made a USB with chameleon boot loader and booted that first. It then detected the USB. Everything installed fine. The problems now are: 1. Screen flickering/tearing in safari and a few other apps and launchpad. 2. The mic is always on for some reason. Everything else is working awesome.
  4. The page to select Niresh Mavericks is not appearing

    I wonder why no one bothers to help? lol. @Deepak @ ?
  5. USB not bootable

    @ How did you finally get it to be recognized by the laptop? I am having the same issue. The PC directly boots to Windows. All BIOS options have been properly configured.
  6. [SOLVED] Niresh 10.9 freeze in a few seconds.

    @laigino What's your BIOS version?
  7. Hey Guys, I used win32DiskImager to write the dmg file into a usb. I have formatted the hard-drive of my laptop. The motherboard is using a HM76 chipset. i5-3210M CPU 4GB DDR3 Ram HD4000 and Nvidia GT635M The problem is that the usb is not reaching the screen where I am supposed to select the boot disk. The BIOS settings are AHCI, UEFI off, Legacy on, Optimus Disabled, Secure Boot Off. Am I doing anything wrong? Please help. The usb is working on another PC. So the USB is not faulty and has been imaged correctly.
  8. [SOLVED] Niresh 10.9 freeze in a few seconds.

    @laigino sorry to post off-topic. But how did you get the usb to start working on the lenovo z580? I have the same specifications but can't get to the niresh boot menu to start the installer. Logs me into Ubuntu directly. Please help!