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  1. installed Niresh 10.9 using haswell patch but i cant boot

    after some research i found out i needed to patch the flash of my z87-gd65 using UEFIPatch , and then reinstalled using some custom thingies i cant remember on the install customization menu then all went good , also i had to delete GraphicsEnabler=No after installing and activating the nvidia drivers in order to get my 780 tis working, so thanks for ur reply and if anyone wondering around please use the verbose mode (-v) to understand the problem and never lose hope there might be just a slight detail which sets u apart from having ur hackintosh
  2. hello niresh community, im new here , so i will get straight to problem, i downloaded the niresh 10.9 usb image and burnt it to a 16gb verbatim stick (wich apparently shows no issues) , i tried to boot from the niresh and i failed many times before i did some research and then realized that i needed a mach_kernel patch for haswell, so i did patch my usb installer and it booted like a charm , i installed with defaults options on a fresh formatted 1 partition msata 128 ssd and the installation went good, but after the restart i tried to boot from the new installed niresh 10.9 os and once i press enter to select the bootdrive and it shows the apple logo for like a flash then reboots, so ive tried to copy the patched mach_kernel replacing the original one on my installed os70 drive and still no luck, please any tip would be helpful my rig : i7 4770K(cooled with h100i) msi z87-gd65 gaming 32gb (4x8gb) G.Skill trident x 2400mhz cas 10 msata hynix HDS128G3AMNM 128gb SSD corsair force ls 240 gb 2x seagate barracuda 2 to on raid0 2x msi gtx 780 ti gaming (sli) EVGA Supernova 1000G2