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  1. Install failed AMD C60

    Actually the same install USB worked right fine when installed to my PC, AMD FX-6300 Radeon HD 6670. Everything working right out of the box without any additional kext or multibeast. QE/CI, ethernet, bluetooth etc. I just found out this post from voodoo projects: Soo do you think we can do something with these? Is HD 4330 supported on Mavericks? I might try to remake the install USB tomorrow.
  2. Install failed AMD C60

    I have a laptop with same processor, Acer AO722 with C-60 4gigs of RAM and HD6290 (pretty much identical except I'm installing to internal disk). It stopped where it says 1 minute remaining. Log says something with my install partition force-unmounted, I don't know why. Tried to install again but the previous partition is now formatted as RAW so I reformatted it to HFS+, then proceed to install. Before the log says something about force-unmount I clicked apple logo on the top left corner then restart. It booted to desktop but graphic card not detected (HD6290). Tried reinstall again without reformat, this time completed but still graphic card not detected, stuck with 1024x768. Everything else seem to work but graphic and Wi-Fi, rendering it useless. If GraphicEnabler=Yes used, it halted. Any kext I miss? Maybe someone with success story could share?