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  1. Selecting kernel after install?

    Thanks for the reply. I can confirm this works to boot the system. Whereabouts are the logs stored as I would be happy to upload them? Now I just need to work out a way of getting the graphics (Intel HD 4600 mobile) to work. I don't suppose anyone has had much luck in getting this to work? I know the support was removed by Apple in Yosemite and unfortunately all the information I'm finding on the web either doesn't work - have tried patching the Intel kexts to no avail and the other method I've found unfortunately involves clover which I have had no luck in getting my system to boot with.
  2. Hi, first I wanna say a great thanks for all the work gone into this - its the only version of Yosemite that even boots on my machine! Secondly to my question - I am running this on a Haswell laptop (i7 4710) and as such use the /haswell boot option to load up the installer. This all goes perfectly and the system is installed and loads up the Chameleon bootloader after a restart. This is as far as it gets however. Upon selecting my new install, I simply get the instant reboot as if the Haswell kernel is not being used. I went through all the options in the customization for the install and couldn't see an option to enable the Haswell kernel in the install. I assumed in this case that it might install itself but it doesn't seem like this has happened. If I try to boot using the /haswell boot flag it simply says it cannot find the kernel. Is there something I am missing here? An option I need to select in the installer to get the right kernel installed? It seems as if I'm so close I just need to get the right kernel as literally the only boot flag I used to boot the system was /haswell.