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  1. White Screen after boot!

    Hey guys, I successfully installed niresh onto my computer, and was able to get in twice (after booting with -x -PCIRootUID=1). I haven't been able to get back in since and these tricks just doesn't work anymore. Can someone help me? I really need it to run for some work I have! My specs are here; http://www.tonymacx86.com/406-building-customac-buyer-s-guide-january-2014.html#budget_atx (i3, GA-Z87-HD3 and 8gb ram + GTX660)
  2. Help Dell N5010

    I hope you're still looking at this or are able to see it. And I must apologise for my bad installation guide I am about to give you. I can confirm it does work on this laptop. I installed using Niresh's 10.8.5 ISO. During installation you should deselect AppleIntel powermanagement (It's actually called something else but similar.) Then go ahead an install. When it's done, in theory, it should boot up. If it doesn't, not to worry. You should boot -v -x from here. You should be expecting this line for boot to get stuck on. -ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start - waitForService(resourceMatching(AppleIntelCPUPower Management) timed out In this case, boot up the Niresh installation again. This time you want to click utilities>terminal and type this: -rm -R /Volumes/Osx/System/Library/Extentions (I think you need a capital letter for each word, maybe OSX has to be all capitals? Try everything if you get a error response) From here, just hit tab, and keep hitting it slowly and delete any lines with the word "IntelHD" in it. I don't think you need to delete the full line and just the bit with IntelHD, but if it still doesnt boot try both. Boot normally and see if it works. From here it worked for me. Post replys and I'll try get back to you ASAP. The Keyboard and touchpad do not work during first setup, you will need a USB keyboard and mouse (Not bluetooth either, this didn't work for me till after I had got to the desktop) I am still working on the WIFI/Graphics drivers. I haven't found any that work. So you will be stuck with very, very basic programs and capabilities. Sound won't work, but the ones on the Niresh CD, one of the last few drivers allowed sound, but I have no control over how loud output is. Specs: Model Inspiron 15 Intel N5010 CPU: Intel i5 M480 @ 2.67ghz Ram: 4GB 1333mhz HDD: 700gb SATA - Using a 320GB for the Hackintosh Video: Intel HD (I think HD1000. I'm unsure but I think it's that.) Sound Card: IDT High Definition Audio Network: Atheros AR9285 (Replaced an Intel Centrino n1000 as it is not supported for Hackintoshing)