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  1. Display says "no signal" after the apple loading screen

    I formatted the other hard drive, now I have two HDs formatted to Mac os, but it still didn't work. Any clue?
  2. Display says "no signal" after the apple loading screen

    I don't have windows installed, but I have a second HD just for files which is formated as NFTS, does it count? would it be sufficient just to remove my files from this hd, format again, and then put my files back? if yes, is there a format type that both windows and mac support, just in case I have future problems with my hackintosh and need to move back to windows and still access my files? thank you, really much =D
  3. Hi, Installed Maverick and everything worked well, I ran multibeast, restarted, everything well and good, til I decided to turn off the computer. When I tried to turn it on again, after the loading screen (that gray one with the apple in the middle),my monitor says that it's receiving no signal. But I noted that if I keep trying it a few times (5 or 6), it eventually gives me the login screen, and from that on everything works great, till I need to turn my pc off again. Flags like PCIRootUID=1 or -x apparently make no difference, it may or may not work. Another problem is, when it goes to sleep mode, it doesn't come back anymore, and the fan keeps spinning, just the monitor goes black. I tried to search the forum and saw some people have the same problem, but the ones that managed to fix it, didn't tell what they've done =P My specs: Asus P8H61M LE/BR 3.09 GHz Intel Core i3 8GB 1333 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GT440 1024MB Thank you =D