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  1. @ I did that but I have the same error ! It happens more often after I entered my password the wheel beside the password spins and then the error comes out !
  2. @ I've got new stuff to help you to help me. After the kexts unloading there is an another line called unexpected session: uid :1000000 -1 or something like this maybe you know what it is
  3. Im really a noob so I so I do that ? Could I simply reinstall and uncheck graphics kexts ? (Sorry im really a noob )
  4. Still the same error but this time all the interface is appearing. After 30 sec all become black and the error shows up
  5. @ I don't have a picture but i've copied the entire error that my computer is giving me Kext loading now disabled Kext unloading now disabled kext autounloading now disabled Kernel requests now disabled @ I've installed it on a blank harddrive do I don't overwrite my windows by accident. Sorry guys for my english i'm not really good at it..
  6. Hi guys ! I've got some problems after installing Mavericks. First I can't boot from the HDD even if I check the install of a bootloader in the installer and second whenever I boot (from the usb to my HDD) I have a kext unloading problem. I can create my account but when I finally get to the desktop I've got the kext unloading is now disabled problem ! My specs are : i7-3770 3.4 gHz 8g 1600mHz Ram 1Tb barracuda HDD nvidia gt620 2g motherboard: I know its Acer but I dont know which one.. Thanks !!!