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  1. Problems with nvidia MSI GT640 2gb

    Resolved the issue: Installed Maverick deselecting GraphicEnabler and without select other nvidia drivers. Maybe i was tired during various trial and surely i'm a newbie in this h-apple "world" Thanks to Niresh for his great job and to this community. Ragonhar P.S. i'm update the system to 10.9.4, too, without any problem; the last problem is the standby mode that stuck the machine forcing me to hardware reset. Ragonhar
  2. Hi, i'm encountering some problem with the maverick distro that seems to be not compatible with the GT 640 This is my configuration: CPU I7 4770 PC 1150 3,4 ghz MB Gigabyte H97M-D3H Ram 4gb Corsair Value 1600mhz DDR3 HDD WD Blue 1tb V.Card MSI GT 640 2gb (mod. N640-2GD3/V1) If install niresh's maverick with an old asus GT240 1gb non problem: the system responds well and without any problem (only Audio returns to work) The GT 640 boots normally but after the apple logo goes in black screen (no signal) I try to change the video card installing before the system with 240 and then changing with the 640 but nothing. With the 640 the system starts but the video signal is off (i try to connect to the machine with teamviewer and i reach the hackintosh regularry) If in the boot screen of niresh i try with GraphicsEnalber=0 the system starts in "safe mode" but some application (like safari or office) have a lot of window flikers. P.S. I haven't problems with gt 640 in 10.8 distro Waiting for Your answers. Ragonhar