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  1. Hi guys! We have installed Mavericks to my friend's computer, which is not so new... (added a new graphics card) Motherboard: Gigabyte H55M-D2H Graphics Card: Sapphire Radeon HD 5450 CPU: Intel i3 560 RAM: 4GB DDR3 GSkill We have installed the hackintosh, and after the install we rebooted. We used Multibeast to install the appropriate kext files (EasyBeast + the correct Audio and network + PS2/Keyboard/Mice), and then rebooted again. After the reboot the keyboard and mice didn't respond at all (the lights on our keyboard turned off). But we could see the disk on key, which is also connected via USB, on the desktop. So we tried to disconnect it, and it disappeared from the desktop! (And of course there was the popup of the warning that the USB wasn't ejected properly). So the Mavericks can connect to the USB, but cannot connect to the keyboard and mice (we have tried several keyboards and mice, neither of them worked). Things that we have already tried: 1. Switching keyboards and mice (didn't work). 2. Running Mavericks form USB instead of the hard disk (the only way to use the keyboard and mice in hackintosh. but it's just a temporary solution...) 3. verbose mode didn't show any irregular results 4. -f, -x, USBBusFix=Yes (neither of them worked). Any ideas? Regards, Ron and Mike