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  1. Stuck On Apple Logo Before Installation

    were these screenshots from something goofy I have missed? and were they the same as what the op was running into? Figured I may be able to help the op and me at the same time. Thanks again in advance for any info.
  2. Stuck On Apple Logo Before Installation

    I am having same issue I think. Therefor I did not want to open another thread. If I do not boot with -v or -x I get stuck on the white screen with the apple logo and nothing more. screen shots are with -v and or -x. I have also tried every other command I can think of and I get various end points. I have been trying your distros from 10.8.2, 10.8.5 and the Mavericks, all with same result. I have tried following each "guide" as best I can, I have converted my bios, I just have no option for HPET anywhere. I have run straight off DVD, off USB sticks, also with and without clover. Specs are in my signature. I am on Win 7 and also have Linux installed. I am on a separate HD with a partition for each OS I have. This is my first attempt (week and a half's worth at least) at Hackintosh so if I am making a noob mistake, I am sorry. I appreciate your help in advance. I have been scrounging though the forums trying to find my own answer and I refuse to be beaten by a machine haha.