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  1. Problems with my ATI R9 270x

    Hi So I've installed Niresh Mavericks without any problems. After installation, my graphics comes up as Radeon 7xxx in the description. I've tried downloading After downloading, I opened the application, ran and installed it and rebooted my machine. Upon reboot, it was still being displayed as a Radeon 7xxx. Can anyone tell me if I am missing something or doing something wrong? Any guidance would be very appreciated. Thanks
  2. R9 290 on 10.9.3?

    Hi. Can I ask how you go about installing the R9 270x package? I tried last night by opening the app, installing and rebooting. When I rebooted my graphics were still saying Radeon 7xxx. Is there something I need to do after running the installer? Anyone able to give me a hand with this please? Thanks much!
  3. Hi Niresh Quick question if I may. You said 'Before trying any Patched kexts or Packages Make sure to Install The Backup Kexts'. Does this mean I need to re-add all the kexts from the backup I just made? Not too sure what you meant by your statement. Thanks!