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  1. Boot 0 error and network issue.

    Hi Sir, Thanks for your prompt reply. Its really amazing!! 1. I deployed the netsetter application in the MAC, the connecting window open but no network. It works perfectly on Windows 7. 2. I am using GIGABYTE motherboard (GA-B75M-D3H) for Pentium i5 3rd generation processor with 8 GB of RAM. Also, I have installed the MAC OS in 2nd hard drive. To MAC & WINDOWS, I Have to switch hard drive connectivity everytime, Is it possible, if I can connect both hard drives and just select the choice to use OS either Windows or MAC. Please suggest. Again, thanks for all your help on this Regards, Surendra
  2. Hi Niresh, First of thank you for giving such a revolution for creating mac os for PC. I am new in this. I have just installed MAC OS 10.8 lion in my Gigabyte, i5 system by someone. Its working perfectly except the few below issues: 1. Boot 0 error. Giving boot 0 error. Please suggest, how I can resolve this as this. Provide me any software package to install directly as I am not good in this. 2. I am using netsetter to connect internet. It installed by not detecting network. Please suggest, what can I do. 3. Display performance : The mac os 10.8.1 display is detecting only 768 x 1024 pixel screen. Could you please suggest. What I can do fix this issue. Best Regards, Surendra