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  1. Freezing on setup

    Where has my hard drive gone...?
  2. Freezing on setup

    Hi, I've got a system error, my computer won't boot windows or OS X it just says "boot0=error" when loading using the USB I get "USBMSC Identifier (non-unique): 20052444620CB2B18A94 0x781 0x556b 0x102, 2" Then "Still waiting for root device" over and over and over
  3. Freezing on setup

    hey guys, i downloaded and installed this last night (all be it a bit pissed) but followed instructions carefully and everything installed no problem. so right here's the problem, on the setup of filling in a user account, it seems to freeze, no music, no movement, no mouse, no keyboard, so I hit the restart button and try again, still nothing. If anyone has any suggestions at all I'm all ears. Thank you. Build Asus P7H55 Intel Core i3 530 Nvidia GeForce GT240 4GB DDR3 Seagate Barracuda 500GB hardrive 3 Partitions