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  1. hi guys the problem took care of itself. during the installation, I had to boot with / amd-v-x After installation, boot with-v-x GraphicsEnabler = No Very important because I use an ATI R9 270x GraphicsEnabler = No and during installation Disable all Graphics and Audio kext The system is very fast 10.9.0 Geekbench single core ~ 1800 ~ 6500 multicore score Edit with Chameleon Wizard Boot Flags> Save have Fun
  2. Problems? Slow? Freeze? Take a look!!

    i have the same problem with AMD Phenom X4 955 Boot with "Kernel Cache"amd or amd64 dont work. PLease Help
  3. Hello guys, Yesterday I read the first time by Niresh they support the AMD CPU. After installed the 10.9.0 OSX Niresh from USB Booting with flags / amd-v maxmem = 4096 all works fine, it takes about 15 minutes I have a GA-MA78G-DS3H AMD Phenom X4 955 Black Edition ATI R9 270X 8GB Ram KINGSTON 256GB SSD Drive I can create a user then changes to the desktop and after about 2-5 min Freeze the system in the right corner Repairing Permissions appear but the clock stops. I have tried the HDD on a USB drive to boot exactly the same problem after 2-5 min freeze also just use this flag ------> "Kernel Cache" = amd (insert double-qoutation, it is mandatory) does not work: (