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  1. is gtx 660m supported in yosemite....i m trying to install it on my asus g55vw with no optimus technology.
  2. is gtx 660m supported with yosemite....i am trying to install in on my asus g55vw with no optimus technology so please instruct me!!
  3. hey guys, is gtx 660m hackintosh compaitable and uf so what kexts or injections do i need?
  4. Hey guys, I'm trying to install osx maverics on my laptop ASUS G55VW which uses NVIDIA GTX 660M. I've googled it up but i couldnt find anything about whether it's supported or not So, my question how to get NVIDIA GTX 660M work with hackintosh?.Do i need a DSDT? What downloads would i need? thx