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  1. I'm stuck on gray screen after post-boot process so there is no Kernel Panic etc.It seems that Aqua and X11 aren't starting properly
  2. Maybe should I try to boot with -s and delete all intel kexts?
  3. Hello,I've just installed Niresh's ML and tried to boot it with -f -x flags, but I've only got gray screen.My config is:CPU: Athlon 64 x2 5000+ (Doesn't support SSE3) Mobo: Msi K9N Neo V3 Chipset: nForce 560I installed it with regular options excluding TRIM and USB 3.0
  4. Could you write more about this graphics card?
  5. @.Yep, It doesn't.Why won't you try dmg2iso or something like that
  6. Thanks for help
  7. Hello,I'd like to install your distro, but i don't know if it will run after dding it to pendrive