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  1. Mouse not working during installation

    Been searching for hours on the internet , still nothing found ==================================== Turns out that i found the problem i guess.Im currently installing mavericks.My bios version was 4 and the latest one was 11 .So after upgrading my bios i got a new dsdt from the site your guide shows and boom its working.
  2. Mouse not working during installation

    Tried some boot flags but still no luck Edit : Just found out that if i boot with USBBusFix=Yes my install will freeze (left it 15 mins ) but mouse and keyboard buttons will light (which means that they work ).If i boot with USBBusFix=Yes -v i manage to get to select language but my mouse wont work .
  3. Hello, During installation my usb mouse and ps/2 keyboard stop working.If i unplug and plug them ,my keyboard will work fine but my mouse still wont work(tried a ps/2 mouse aswell). My specs are intel i3 5310 ,nvidia gt 430 and gigabyte Ga-h55m-ud2h. I read on internet that i should make a sdst.aml for my mobo and put it on /extras which i did (found a guide on this site ) and fixed 6 errors.They also mentioned that the bootflags that i should use are GraphicsEnabler=Yes and PCIRootUID=1.But still my mouse appears on top left side and not responding. Thank you in advance
  4. reboot on installation

  5. reboot on installation

    Hi, i just noticed that it says the following : acpi table not found : DSDT.aml acpi table not found: SSDT.aml ACPI Restart fix applied!
  6. reboot on installation

    Hello, it reboots as soon as i press enter , actually my screen goes white for 0,5 sec and then it reboots.That happens when i try to install it.
  7. reboot on installation

    hello, im trying to install hackintosh on my computer but it will reboot on installation .Specs: i3 3110m ,nvidia gt 430 , 4 gb ram . If i type the boot flag xpcm-free -v it will reboot after 2 secs .I managed to take a video and post a pic of what is says Btw i set it on AHCI mode.