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  1. Hi! I been installed on my Acer Aspire 5749, in one HDD from 500 gb one partition with Windows 10 and the other one with Yosemite, but i have one problem, when Yosemite starts, my computer starts to make a sound like a whistle so strong, and is because the computer have enabled the microphone when starts and the microphone picks up sound from the speaker and makes that sounds like a whistle, but once i have starts my user on the pc, the sound is disabled, how can i make to repair that? The second problem I have, I spend 2 times! Always when I install Yosemite, the partition where i have my Windows, when i'm using it, and i will to turn off, don't make nothing, the only thing he makes is close my computer sesion and enter in hibernation. What can i make to solucionate these things?! And thanks!