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  1. Unable to boot to installer

    Guys, Samsung has f*cked up Series 7 BIOS so it won't boot devices (either hard drives or USB sticks) with GUID partition table. The workaround is to download clover bootloader .iso image, burn it onto a cd or dvd, go to bios, disable UEFI boot option (otherwise it won't boot from cd either), and then boot clover from cd, put your Niresh Install USB stick in the USB 2.0 port, and then choose it in the clover menu. Oh, yes, another thing, after you set up options in bios, insert the cd with clover into the drive and then power off the machine by holding the power button, and then turn it on again. Simple reboot will get it into the boot loop again. Every time you want to boot Series 7 from either a cd or a USB stick, you have to power down the machine completely and turn it on back again. If you have access to a working hackintosh/macintosh, you can use the disk management utility to format another usb stick (not the niresh installation one) as a mbr disk and then istall clover onto it. Choose boot legacy usb option in bios, save changes an power down the machine. Put the Clover USB stick in the USB 3.0 port, power up the machine and boot clover. Then stick your Mavericks install USB into the USB 2.0 port, choose it from the clover menu and boot into installation. Oh yes, if you format your hard drive as GUID you won't be able to boot OS X from the hard drive, you will have to use clover cd or usb all the time. So format your hard drive as MBR and use MBR patch for you mavericks installation (Mavericks and Yosemite won't install onto a MBR hard drive natively). Write if you need anything else...