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  1. Microphone very loud and cannot change input level

    Thanks for the reply, but typing these commands in did not have any effect, even after rebooting
  2. Microphone very loud and cannot change input level

    When you wrote "reboot" beneath the line of commands, does that mean to reboot the computer?
  3. When ever I plug in the microphone into the front or rear mic inputs, I can hear the mic very loudly through the PC speakers, and changing the input level in System Preferences don't change a thing, the sound level bar is still the same, and it is like the monitor microphone setting is on. The only time I cannot hear it is when I turn the mac volume level all the way down, if it is at level one, the mic is as loud as it is when the volume is at max. In Garageband, the sound level is really low, and it is hard to record anything, help? CPU - i5 3570k GPU - MSI GTX 760 TF Mobo Chipset - b75 Network Chipset - Atheros AR9285 Audio Card - Realtek alc982 Note the positions of the volume slider, the mic input slider, and two input levels on system preferences and Garageband