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  1. After updated 10.9.4

    Fist I want to say all to you guy ,. Ok here is my problem i manage to install niresh 10.9 on my HP m8120n using the boot flags fsck -fy mount -uw grafix backup all i was evailable to pass the monitor no signal thing and boot regular to the desktop, so after niresh updated him self from 10.9 to 10.9.4 i restarted the computer from there i get the same error when booting mac os i have no image and monithor no signal but i can hear in the background that niresh is on the desktop because my microphone is making a sound.. so i tried the same boot flags fsck -fy but no luck i also tried GraphicsEnable=Yes and No and still in monitor no signal please anyone can help me and sorry for my bad english...

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