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  1. Hello, I have an issue and have been days trying to solve it, I am stuck trying to boot to the installer. I have tried many bootflags, including "Kernel Cache", Graphics Enabler, and USBBusFix, to no avail. My specs are: Specs are sort of incomplete because of the lack of information on this G505. I checked online and in the manual, all to no avail, they were just generic specifications, no model, etc. Lenovo g505 AMD E1 APU, 1ghz Radeon HD 8210 graphics Mobo: Couldn't find the model. Wireless: Couldn't find. Ethern: Couldn't find. Here's a minimap of the errors: amd -> efi error amd (tried again with USBBusFix) -> reboot amd64 -> hangs forever in gray screen, in verbose mode code runs all over the screen, almost impossible to read, then gets stuck for hours amdfx-> Not my architecture I believe, tried, resulted in reboot If you need any more information just ask and I will happily provide.