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  1. i know that there is a chance with a "real mac" serial number.. my question was... are ther other reasons 1.) i dont have a creditcard (with confidently) 2.) i dont have any friends who has a real Mac... 3.) the iMessage Fix Application dosent work for me.. Any other reasons? if not... i´ll stay on 10.9.5....
  2. Not for me..
  3. Nope the iMessage fix seemingly the iMessage app... but only iMessage... no iCloud and no Appstore... in the Appstore i got a verification error, and iCloud: "You cant currently login to the iCloud. Try again later...." ore something like that... Got the message in german
  4. Only copy smbios? Well i only need iCloud and the Appstore... everything else are not important for me only a "nice to have" I´ll try and report later.... Thank you
  5. Hi ho.. what the hell?! is that right that you need a credit card to "enable" icloud imessage ibook and appstore on 10.10??? Or a regular serial Number of a Mac Device?? What the hell??? is there an other reason?? The only Guide i found was this one:
  6. Hi, did anyone know where i can get a working kext for this WiFi Card? regards Gala
  7. Yep... Installation Success The only thing that succs.... WiFi and Graphic drivers.....
  8. lol i think i figured out by myself... Currently i´m running the installer... so, i think the system will also runs.. i´m need a simple, but simply laughable trick to "Fix" the boot problem. on the Point of : ACPI: System State [s0 S3 S4 S5 ] (S3) i had to close the Screen, and open up again (after 2-3 seconds) (lol? but its true!) Then i got "Still waiting for Root device"... After looking in this forum i found some bootflags... The final bootflags to startup into the Installer are: amd -v -x npci=0x2000 ahcidsk=1 debug=8 Thanks to Niresh for the Bootflags
  9. Hi, it is possible to Install Mavericks on my Notebook? i have allready the USB Boot-Stick, and installed a 10.9 on my PC (Intel i5). Now i want to install 10.9 on my Notebook... i try some bootflags... but it will freeze on startup... Without any error messages.. so i try all amd boot flags (one after one) with -v Try with npci=0x2000 -x a combination of all USBBusFix=Yes and so on and so on... if i try without amd or try with GraphicsEnabler=Yes it boot up for some seconds... and restart the Notebook after.. hm... 5-8 seconds.... Like i siad... it freeze at: ACPI: System State [s0 S3 S4 S5 ] (S3) And yes... i wait long enough... the longest time was 1 and a half houre so.... It is possible to Install OS-X on it? Kind regards... Gala