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  1. iCloud, AppStore and co?

    i know that there is a chance with a "real mac" serial number.. my question was... are ther other reasons 1.) i dont have a creditcard (with confidently) 2.) i dont have any friends who has a real Mac... 3.) the iMessage Fix Application dosent work for me.. Any other reasons? if not... i´ll stay on 10.9.5....
  2. iCloud, AppStore and co?

    Not for me..
  3. iCloud, AppStore and co?

    Nope the iMessage fix seemingly the iMessage app... but only iMessage... no iCloud and no Appstore... in the Appstore i got a verification error, and iCloud: "You cant currently login to the iCloud. Try again later...." ore something like that... Got the message in german
  4. iCloud, AppStore and co?

    Only copy smbios? Well i only need iCloud and the Appstore... everything else are not important for me only a "nice to have" I´ll try and report later.... Thank you
  5. iCloud, AppStore and co?

    Hi ho.. what the hell?! is that right that you need a credit card to "enable" icloud imessage ibook and appstore on 10.10??? Or a regular serial Number of a Mac Device?? What the hell??? is there an other reason?? The only Guide i found was this one:
  6. [REQUEST]BCM94312HMG kext

    Hi, did anyone know where i can get a working kext for this WiFi Card? regards Gala
  7. 10.9 on AMD Athlon II x2 M300 Laptop? (emachine E630)

    Yep... Installation Success The only thing that succs.... WiFi and Graphic drivers.....
  8. 10.9 on AMD Athlon II x2 M300 Laptop? (emachine E630)

    lol i think i figured out by myself... Currently i´m running the installer... so, i think the system will also runs.. i´m need a simple, but simply laughable trick to "Fix" the boot problem. on the Point of : ACPI: System State [s0 S3 S4 S5 ] (S3) i had to close the Screen, and open up again (after 2-3 seconds) (lol? but its true!) Then i got "Still waiting for Root device"... After looking in this forum i found some bootflags... The final bootflags to startup into the Installer are: amd -v -x npci=0x2000 ahcidsk=1 debug=8 Thanks to Niresh for the Bootflags
  9. Hi, it is possible to Install Mavericks on my Notebook? i have allready the USB Boot-Stick, and installed a 10.9 on my PC (Intel i5). Now i want to install 10.9 on my Notebook... i try some bootflags... but it will freeze on startup... Without any error messages.. so i try all amd boot flags (one after one) with -v Try with npci=0x2000 -x a combination of all USBBusFix=Yes and so on and so on... if i try without amd or try with GraphicsEnabler=Yes it boot up for some seconds... and restart the Notebook after.. hm... 5-8 seconds.... Like i siad... it freeze at: ACPI: System State [s0 S3 S4 S5 ] (S3) And yes... i wait long enough... the longest time was 1 and a half houre so.... It is possible to Install OS-X on it? Kind regards... Gala