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  1. Chameleon Bootloader issues

    To anyone else having this noob issue, the problem is that Standad BIOS do not support booting from a GUID partition (according to a handful of articles online) so Niresh has to be installed under MBR. Works fine for me.
  2. HI, Using my Niresh USB created from Win32diskimager i am able to boot into Mavericks 10.9.0 fine but i am unable to boot into the Chameleon Bootloader even after setting my HD to the first boot disk. Using application like champlist i am able to see that Chameleon is installed and i can edit my .plist file etc but i am unable to get into my bootloader. Can someone please help. Hardware: AMD II X2 220 H-Alvorix-RS880 AMD 785G - Chipset MSI GTX 650 6gb RAM AMI v6.11 - BIOS