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  1. Has anyone found a cure/fix for the open cl crashes with the nvidia 9600gt card? I have tried the web drivers,and just about everything knows possible. My computer will boot up just fine but soon as I open an app the screen will start to flicker then the system freezes up....I am running a core2 quad with 4 gigs of ram with a 9600gt..As of now I had to switch back to 10.8.2, I still get many freezes there also,but the system does not become so unstable it freezes up.
  2. Successfully installed AMD Phenom X4

    Question is,how did you get the 9600gt to work without the opencl crashes.
  3. Mavericks freezes ~20 seconds after boot

    I have the same issue with my 9600gt in mavericks..The only way i was able to get the screen to turn on in normal mode was boot flag GraphicsEnabler=Yes ..But after it boots 20 seconds in the screen with start to flicker then the computer will freeze.I have even tried the new Nvidia web drivers, but the issue still remains..