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  1. Mavericks 10.9.2 Bluetooth Wi-Fi problem

    No, I dont have any other wifi card... I was talking about the same card.. sorry for the misunderstand... thank for the help... very much appreciated
  2. Mavericks 10.9.2 Bluetooth Wi-Fi problem

    Can you pls explain more? i m totally a noob ... thanks ! anyway are you saying that I've got to buy a new wifi card that support osx natively? isnt there any chane to work my old mpcie card with os x?
  3. Hi, I've successfully installed OSX 10.9.2 everything works except Bluetooth and Wifi... I got Asus Maximus V Formula mobo... it has bluetooth and wifi onboard... I have downloaded slytherin but dont know what kexts to install ? pls guide Thanks !!! here's the mobo details :
  4. AICPUPM Patch for UEFI

    will this work on my Asus Maximus V Formula?
  5. Can't Install

    I've downloaded the bios already.. I tried to flash it via usb flashback... but it didn't work... my bios already came with 16xx ver (stock) and afterward I updated it to 19xx... so I don't know if I can downgrade it ? is it possible?
  6. Can't Install

    well I did type -v and hit the enter, after that many lines are being written by the system the monitor goes off, only the led left to blink... I couldn't capture the screen, bcoz all happned in one sec I read about the dsdt file for mobos... I would like to inform u that.. I didn't take care of any dsdt file or modified bios version...
  7. Can't Install

    forgot to mention I have a ATI readon HD 5450 card 1gb ... it connects the monitor through vga... resolution= 1024x768 after reaching niresh menu... I got this view(photo) after hitting enter nothing happens pls pls pls help us... damn excited to use this.. pls
  8. Can't Install

    hi, this is my first time to install osx (mavericks)... I did everything as macbreaker said in his guide... I was able to reach in niresh menu but when I press enter the usb drive bilnks for some 7-8 sec the its stops blinking... and the screen goes off but the cpu remains to work... I hv waited 20 min but it doesn't happen anything.. pls guide I've also tried some bootflags but they didn't work my spec- 1. i7 3770k 2. corsair vengeance 1333 4gb 3. asus maximus v formula 4. 1 tb hdd the attach file shows the partition of my hdd