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    Hi, I installed yosemite using MACPWN after installation the ethernet was working fine until i updated DP2. post DP2 installation both Audio and ethernet stopped working,after an hour effort i was successful in bring back both. follow these steps Audio install voodooHDA v284 kext (attached) using IKEXT or KEXT UTILITY and copy the same KEXT to the bootloader in EFI/CLOVER/KEXT/OTHERS. INTERNET install RealtekRTL81xx Kext (attached) using IKEXT or KEXT UTILITY and copy the kext into bootlader location- EFI/CLOVER/KEXT/OTHERS. Fine your problem is solved Ram
  2. clover configurator in yosemite

    Hi, I have installed MACPWN yosemite and subsequently updated it with DP2 also. My problem is when i tried to change the SMBIOS plist using clover it is not taking place how to solve the problem, how to make clover configurator fully working in yosemite? Ram
  3. Mavericks application store seeding

    Version nil


    This is a very useful application to download the latest and beta stage os x, itune and safari. Just by clicking the installer the application will get installed and soon it will automatically open apps store and check for latest beta stage itune, safari and os x which are exclusively for apple developers. Ram
  4. windows 8,1 installation as dual boot on intel dual core pc

    Thank you very much Niresh. I can not understand the word patched version can you please explain what exactly it is Ram
  5. Dear Niresh, When i installed mavericks 10,9,2 using clover installer i found out the BOOT CAMP ASSISTANT is working,i attempted to create windows 8.1 installer and partitioning the disk using BOOT CAMP it was successful but when the system restarts for windows installation it failed and even the original clover boot loader became corrupted . Ultimately i could not even open the system. Is there any way to install windows 8.1 using BOOT CAMP ASSISTANT on a hackintosh pc which was installed using clover. By the way i am your great fan and admire works and contribution you made to hackintosh community. At the age of 54 spending time on your web page it really gives me lot of thrill and knowledge and through your guides on mavericks i have learned a lot. Regards Ram