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  1. framebuffer problem

    and also i am limited in putting boot flag
  2. framebuffer problem

    yes i am using 10.8.5 and the file has clover as its default bootloader for booting the installer
  3. framebuffer problem

    i have here is the verbose image from the error that i got.
  4. framebuffer problem

    i already have a a snapshot of the verbose but the image file size is 3.60 MB so i'll try to type it out but the verbose said that the debugger was in panic.
  5. framebuffer problem

    My Specs Are: CPU:Intel® Pentium Dual-Core B940 @ 2.0 GHZ (Mobile)Architecture:Sandy BridgeGPU:Intergraded Intel HD GraphicsRAM: 4GBHDD: 500GBBIOS:Insyde H20 (Non UEFI/EFI)
  6. framebuffer problem

    when the first time i booted to the installer, it was stuck on the apple logo w/o curser and when i tried verbose mode the system displayed a framebuffer error. pls help!!!!1